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The Justice Foundation has been raised up to work with the depressed, marginalized, the most vulnerable and the persecuted communities in Pakistan. TJF focuses on: 

1: Prisoners
2: Rights of the Workers/Laborers 

3: Children
4: Women
5: Religious Minorities/Inter-Faith Harmony


The Organization is committed to propagandize justice and peace; and promote the main ideas, principles and values system of progressive and sustainable human development concept through mobilization, networking, capacity-building and advocacy to mainstream the marginalized sects, communities, women and children into social, political and economic decision making  processes at all levels.


Establish a just society where people will exercise equality in economic, political, religious and socio-cultural rights without any discrimination and thus be benefited with opportunities and development process equally.

How we work:

We work through mobilization, action, education, awareness programs, capacity building, training and research.