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Almost all of the 145 million citizens of Pakistan are Muslims. However, there are small but significant minorities in Pakistan as well. 1.5% are Christian, 1.5% are other followers of other faiths, or persons of no organized religion.
The Justice Foundation works for the inter-faith harmony among the religious and ethnic groups of the society. It is strong believed that religious harmony will create encouraging and enabling atmosphere in all walks of life.
                The world is under social, religious and civilization’s wars that ultimately take world away from human values and weakening the social bindings among the all human beings. It has become a huge threat for all human beings, lest these racism, religious; civilizations’ wars devastate the world. Therefore, it is a big need to bridge the social, religious and civil gaps among the human beings so that they come closer to each other and understand the other creeds and religions.
                The time also urges that all superpowers and neighbor countries respect the line of boundaries of the other countries so that general public could be safe from bloodsheds and wars. If we want real peace in this world then we have to support each other for basic human rights and reconciliation from grass roots to top level.
                The Justice Foundation is trying to do that at local level in Pakistan and as well in the world through building liaison with international and national organizations, so that real peace can take place in this world.